Our Story

Welcome to the world of Zin-de-Zine Studios where exciting work takes place. Specializing in Motion + Stills we will work with you, custom-tailoring your project to suit your exclusive needs. We are effective story-tellers and understand the importance of conveying your message be it through Photography or Videography.

Each client is unique, looking for their own creative expression and statement; with the strength of combined creative talent and backgrounds, our team is committed to your project and pleased to deliver your event video or photographs that you will be proud of. Our team is mobile, versatile and keen for adventure. 

As each project is different from the next, it is best for us to discuss your vision in order to provide a comprehensive and personalized quote. Let’s work on bringing your vision from concept to finished product…first meetings usually involve chai or espresso and we will supply the paper and pencil for capturing everyone’s brilliant ideas!