We use the latest in digital technology from Nikon in order to achieve the highest possible quality attainable with large pixel resolution DSLRs, along with the best lenses from Nikkor. Even though story telling is the primary objective, capturing the image at the highest quality level is still a very necessary component in helping to achieve that goal.

  • Nikon D800e DSLR - 36 MP raw image capture
  • Nikon D600 DSLR - 24 MP raw image capture
  • Nikon D200, D3100, D90 DSLRs
  • Assorted DX & FX Nikkor lenses, including the coveted 85mm 1.4 Nikkor portrait lens

Film based photography yet gives a very stylized look that digital capture cannot achieve.  When combined with a specific film type and shot through the lens of a medium format camera using Zeiss lenses images have a very unique look that can never be replicated through the art of digital post processing. So we provide this service for those looking for that stylized look that was prevalent at the height of medium format photography before the advent of digital technology.

  • Hasselblad 501 CM with 80mm & 150mm Carl Zeiss lenses to shoot formal portraits.
  • Pentax ME 35mm film camera

We have an array of nine studio strobes (Novatrons, Integras, Photogenics) and a multitude of Nikon flash units ranging from the SB-600 to the SB-910.  The large and powerful strobe lights are used in our studio environment where we have the ability to control the lighting conditions very precisely. The flash units are used in the field typically for portrait work on a site where flexibility is necessary and tight spaces are the norm.

We have plenty of backdrops, filters, light stands, tripods, etc. in order to bring about the best possible conditions for the appropriate lighting to take place.


We use the Nikon DSLRs for our primary videography work as it best provides the story telling aspects of our video work through the short depth of field present with the large sensors in these new DSLR cameras. The HD format and short depth of field gives the videos we produce a more cinematic look and feel that we are all accustomed to seeing on the big screen. We also use the Sony NX5U video camera as a third camera to give us multiple shot angles.


Our post production equipment was acquired based on the need to process the highest resolution digital and film-based images obtained with the DSLRs and medium format cameras in the quickest amount of time possible.  Especially with the new hi-resolution DSLRs out there today, one image in post processing can exceed 3 to 4 GBs easily.  Having the proper computer equipment and backup storage is absolutely necessary.

  • Nikon Coolscan film scanner - allows up to 4000 DPI digital files to be created at medium format
  • CS6 Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Sound Booth, After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro V7 and X, Compressor, Motion
  • Mac Book Pro 17 inch with 26 inch monitor with 2 on board SSDs & 16 GB of ram
  • 2 Mac Book Pros 13 inch