"Buck the System" by Randall H. Miller

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"Buck the System" is a new book release by Randall H. Miller. Ever said the words. "I am going to start a new project," or I am going to finally write that book that has been in my head all these years?" I know I have. This book is an excellent read and will certainly motivate you to do what you always wanted to do. The video is our latest work and was a great deal of fun putting together. We decided to green screen the shoot to add background images and video to augment the story, and make it a little fun to watch. Enjoy the show!

Photographing Clothing Designer, Josefa's 70s style dressware!

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The clohing designer, Josefa, handcrafted each of her dresses and had quite a following back in her heyday. Even though they are vintage 70s style dressware, they may not be quite the style young ladies prefer today. They have, however, become somewhat a collectors item. So my task was to photograph them as they would have appeared on those fine ladies of that time period. The two models I worked with were intrigued with the style of dress and the brilliant display of colour, and yet displayed a a professionalism of craft that brought out the best attributes of each of these dresses.

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Video Release of Randall H. Miller, Author & Speaker

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Randall H. Miller is a speaker and author of two self-published books, "Norwich Matters" and "Norwich Heroes." This video is a trailer with excerpts from his short interview-style video titled, "An Interview with Randall H. Miller."

Working with Randall was a pleasure. He was very engaging with his stories. He drew you in and you were compelled to listen and to find out what happened at the end of each story. Randall is a true story teller. His books are very much in the style as he tells the story. It's quick, concise and to the point; does not leave you hanging for too long and somehow always manages to weave into a story the human elements of vulnerability, compassion and courage.

At first, the goal of this project was to develop a three minute promotional video on his two published works and the interesting process of self-publishing. The decision was made to turn this video into more of a short film after reviewing the large amounts of raw footage. The stories were too good to be left out, the self-publishing process quite interesting and inspiring and Randall, himself, was just too engaging of a story teller that just a few minutes of listening to a story would not suffice.

The trailer below is a collection of excerpts from Randall's longer video and gives the audience an idea of what his stories are all about, including a glimpse into the some of the lives of the unsung heroes to emerge from Norwich University. To get the full experience, you need to see the full-length video. But for now enjoy the trailer below.

Enjoy the show!