Final Images

Proofs - Examples

The following images are proofs only. In other words, lo-res images that have global edits only. Once you select the images you want, I will then go into each image and do a local edit. Below, is an example of the two types of edits. Click on the images to enlarge . . .

Proofs to Review

There are 81 proofs to review. if you move the mouse over the image, a number will appear at the bottom left of the picture. Use this number to correspond with me with respect to what you want edited. Also, there are about a dozen different settings. I would suggest you pick one from each setting as your final selection. That would make for a total of about 12 images. With the print you already have, call it a baker's dozen.

Each photo requires at least an hour to edit and size for printing, so be selective. I cannot do more than that as time is critical for me. However, one image per setting should suffice. If, however, you really like more than one image in a particular setting, that's okay, too. Just let me know. Let's Skype when you are ready with your selections and we can go over each image you picked and also determine print sizes. Also, don't look at what you see in the proofs as the final size. For example, I can take a wide landscape image and create a 5x7 portrait or an 8x10 portrait from the original. The resolution is very high that I can crop in tightly and still get a sharp image.

Looking forward to getting them done! We have some very fine images and the quality is excellent. Alex, you have great skin and that makes my job a whole lot easier and will make the image shine even more! 

Click on the images to enlarge . . .